It's time for your budding capoeiristas to start preparing for their Batizado! 

What is a Batizado?

"A Batizado (baptism) is a graduation ceremony where new students receive their first Capoeira Cordao (belt), Capoeira Apelido (nickname) and are “officially” welcomed into the art form of Capoeira. Each student plays with a Mestre in order to blessed and welcomed to the Capoeira world. The Mestre that plays against the student become their Godfather, and the same Mestre gives the student their Capoeira name during the ceremony. Students who have already been through their first Batizado excel to receive their next belt. This is a 3 day celebration filled with workshops, performances, events and a celebration at the beach. We are proud to welcome and host World Renowned Capoeira Masters for this event to honor the children hard work throughout the year. It is very special to witness them teach, interact and graduate our students.This is truly a very exciting time in one's Capoeira journey. We can’t wait to share it with you all!"


Our Batukids will be participating alongside other young students from the main studio in Culver City. This is a great opportunity for your children to meet friends, get involved in the bigger world of capoeira, and really see what the culture is about!

Dates: May 18 to May 20
Cost: $125 before May 1 ($175 after May1)
Cost includes 3 day event: Naming and Belt ceremonies, event t-shirt, workshops, kids rehearsals & performances and beach celebration.

12453 WASHINGTON BLVD. LA. CA. 90066

Early Bird Registration goes up on MAY 1. REGISTER HERE