Capoeira Batuque


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines music, dance, martial arts, and acrobatics. Capoeira Batuque is the longest standing Capoeira academy in Southern California. Capoeira Batuque Southbay is located in Hawthorne and led by Professora Minha Velha under Mestre Amen.

Capoeira Batuque is committed to the study and research of all aspects of capoeira without judging any particular style. As capoeira spreads around the globe, we believe that it is extremely important to have a broader understanding of this art form as a whole. It is important that in our group for students to be exposed to capoeira in general, Angola and Regional, so they can have a larger vocabulary and a good understanding of these two styles. That is why Batuque students are urged to practice capoeira without getting involved with the politics. And when people ask them what style do they practice, they should simply answer... CAPOEIRA!